The Broadcast Production Reel
As our final assessment for Broadcast Production (aka. final exam), you will plan, compile, and create a one-minute reel of your best work this semester.

Final Reel Spring 2022
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Karla Sanchez
Fall, 2018

Ellie Henderson
Fall, 2018

Anuj Patel, Spring 2018

Michael Pimental, Spring 2018

Leo Jalloh, Spring 2018

Noelle Rosa, Spring 2018


Divya Barod, Spring 2018

Ellie Henderson, Spring 2018

Camera Operator

Micah Bettenhausen
Fall, 2018

Ethan Soo, Spring 2018

Tina Intarapanont, Spring 2018

Leah Rubinberg, Spring 2018